Monotype Figure Drawing

Type: Workshop - A6 Studio
Price: $170.00


Taught by Jeanette Small

Monotype Figure Drawing

Wed, Mar 6-13, 5:30-8:30 pm


Shake up your drawing practice with this printmaking-centered figure drawing class. Pioneered by Degas, monotype is a fun, easy process that offers immediate gratification. Monotype is ideal for creating loose, gestural sketches—or more studied drawings—in a thin layer of ink on plexiglass. Each class will work from a live model and warm up with charcoal sketches before transitioning to inked plates. Working reductively in black and white, you will learn a variety of ways to manipulate the ink, add textures, and use the press to transfer ink to paper. We'll also explore enhancing your dry prints with mixed media to add detail and emphasis. Figure drawing experience recommended; no printmaking experience required. 


$115 ($92 A6 Member), $30 supply fee, $25 model fee